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Introducing Dr. Eric Plasker

Moms Across America is delighted to introduce our first Dad Champion! Since our inception Dads have been an integral part of Moms Across America, caring for their families and lending their support to our work in so many ways. Dr. Eric Plasker is just such a Dad. His role as a vocal healthcare provider supports not only his family and his patients but his community as well as families and communities all over the nation and world who are seeking to live The 100 Year Lifestyle!

You can read more about Dr. Eric and The 100 Year Lifestyle in these pages. Be sure to click on the links above to read articles and watch videos from Dr. Eric on a range of health topics that we believe will be of interest to you and your family. Stay tuned to these pages as we post additional information from Dr. Eric on a regular basis.

Dr. Eric Plasker has been a practicing chiropractor since 1986 with a primary focus on family wellness and performance-based care. From early in his career, his passion was to work with moms and dads to help them raise super healthy families, educating them about the body’s innate intelligence, natural healing, and optimizing function through every phase of life.

Dr. Eric and his wife Lisa have been married 32 years and raised their family this way. All three of their children were naturally immunized as they chose not to vaccinate their kids.

With good nutrition, movement, a positive mindset, and regular chiropractic care, their kids developed strong immune systems and escaped most of the childhood illnesses that would circulate amongst their peers. All three of their kids are practicing chiropractors today.

As his career progressed, Dr. Eric became the team chiropractor for youth, high school, and division one sports teams winning many state, regional, and even a national championship along the way.

Since 1999, Dr. Eric has trained over 10,000 chiropractors. He travels the world and speaks to companies and organizations on human potential and the principles of The 100 Year Lifestyle, his international bestselling books, and brand.

In 2018, he turned his books into an online magazine,, and began building The 100 Year Lifestyle Network of Providers as a way to bring quality care to a growing group of educated, conscious consumers who want to raise their kids holistically.

Dr. Eric still practices part-time in Marietta, GA with his son Dr. Cory Plasker and is more purposeful than ever.

“I am proud to work with Moms Across America and inspire a new generation of parents to raise super healthy, drug-free kids. I believe in MAAs vision and admire the work they are doing, fighting for healthier families and a healthier world.”

We are excited to have Dr. Plasker as a part of our Moms Across America Family!

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  • John Steven Bianucci
    commented 2020-10-03 18:08:44 -0400
    This is really exciting news and Dr. Plasker – you are a great inspiriation and ally! Thank you, Zen. Great work, as always. Sincerely, John Steven Bianucci
  • Anne Temple
    published this page in Acerca de 2020-09-29 16:01:54 -0400

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