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Have you ever wondered "What is this EMF thing people talk about?"


Camilla Rees, an expert in the area of electromagnetic frequencies and contributor to Moms Across America, has put together a thorough and thought-provocative database providing Moms Across America supporters to ways to educate and empower themselves about EMF's and the potential harm they bring to you and your family, as well as ways to minimize their harmful effects.

 In “The RF Elephant in the Room”, leading EMF activist Camilla Rees, MBA of ElectromagneticHealth.org and Campaign for Radiation Free Schools (Facebook) synthesizes what is known about the biological and health effects from cell phones and wireless technologies. She says EMFs are an unrecognized elephant in the room driving illnesses and health costs and causing learning and cognitive difficulties in children. Parents would be well advised, she says, to listen up and take simple steps starting at home to minimize children’s exposure.

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Please descargar these resources, print them out, and share them with your friends and family!

The Article Discusses:

  • The explosion in wireless infrastructure and consumer products since the early ‘90s and the unheeded warnings from EMF scientists.
  • The irony of 133 million people in the U.S. with chronic illness, despite greater and greater health and environmental consciousness.
  • Misuse of the word ‘prevention’ in medicine today, referring to the laboratory or medical screening, not to the removal of things that lead to illnesses in the first place, like chemicals, metals, glyphosate, electromagnetic fields, and more, about which we all need to become educated.
  • The critical EMF risks to children, pregnant women, fetuses, and men hoping to father children from exposure to the radiation emitted by cell phones and wireless devices.


  • Keep cell phones and tablets 'off’ or in airplane mode except while being used. Develop a practice of checking in quickly, not being constantly tethered to radiation-emitting devices.
  • Make your home your sanctuary so your body can rest and repair from everyday exposures. Minimize EMFs at every opportunity by hard-wiring computers with an Ethernet cord and using a ‘wired only’ router, hard-wiring printers, and other computer peripherals, and using landline telephones. If you use a cell phone, keeps calls to a bare minimum and forward your cell phone to your landline while at home. No electronics should be in the bedroom.
  • Avoid wearable wireless technology. This applies to adults as well as children and wireless infant monitoring equipment.
    Be on the look out for wireless utility equipment. Determine if there are any radiating smart meters on your home and shield to block the radiation from entering the home. Do not install remote utility monitoring equipment.
  • Always measure exposures. It is impossible to know exposures without a meter. Obtain an RF meter at www.EMFSafetystore.com and start assessing your environment. This is the best way to learn. Any time you chose to shield exposures, re-measure afterward to make sure the intervention was successful and did not make the situation worse due to reflections.
  • Remember what is important in life: human relationships, being in nature, expressing ourselves, serving others, finding meaning, and living into our full potential on every level.

To read the full article "The RF Elephant in the Room", click here.

For more tips, see “50+ EMF Safety Tips and Insights”,  click here.

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Click here to link to the Campaign for Radiation Free Schools page on Facebook.

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