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Peticiones de comida rápida

Como consumidores podemos hacer más que simplemente consumir: podemos CREAR el mercado que queremos con nuestro poder adquisitivo.

Únase a nosotros para hablar y crear el suministro de alimentos y la salud de los que todos podamos estar orgullosos, ¡en todo Estados Unidos y más allá!

Moms Across America recogerá todas las firmas y las presentará en una carta abierta a cada junta directiva y director ejecutivo de comida rápida el noviembre 30, así que agrega tu nombre hoy para marcar la diferencia en la salud de nuestra nación.

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  • Lake Boulton
    comentado 2023-12-03 20:52:31 -0500
    Please make healthier food an important part of your business model.
  • Julia Pero
    comentado 2023-12-01 08:58:35 -0500
    Would you serve this poison to your own families? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Enough is enough!
  • Maryann Ley
    comentado 2023-11-30 17:00:04 -0500
    Step it up. Be responsible to your consumers. No more chemicals and additives, and GMO junk. We need to know what we’re choosing for our children is good for them. We’re willing to sacrifice price and convenience and go somewhere else. We want REAL FOOD.
  • Brad Allen
    comentado 2023-11-30 16:10:41 -0500
    Our kids and families deserve healthy, safe, and REAL food. Food-like substances are not acceptable and likely are a contributing factor to the decline in the health of Americans. Stop putting glyphosate and other harmful chemicals in your foods, you are harming and killing us.

    Brad Allen
  • Emily Larson
    comentado 2023-11-29 16:59:23 -0500
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Toxins should have NEVER been put in our food and we SHOULD NOT be okay with it! How about you join this movement! We need to send a clear message to BIG AG (MONSANTO), BIG PHARMA, BIG BIZ, and to our very own corrupt GOVERNMENT that allows this in the first place! There will come a day where the bottom dollar doesn’t mean we feed our people from the bottom of a dingy bucket and I hope you turn this around soon!
  • Jean Neumann
    comentado 2023-11-29 15:32:16 -0500
    Stop poisoning Americans.
    Do the right thing and only purchase non-GMO, pesticide-free and glyphosate-free food!!
  • Hender Otterstein-Adams
    comentado 2023-11-29 13:17:57 -0500
    Please be more responsible to your patrons. We need healthy food. You need to regulate yourselves and hold your suppliers accountable.
  • Stephanie Arndt
    comentado 2023-11-29 00:45:44 -0500
    Stop poisoning people!
  • Chester Miscer
    comentado 2023-11-28 21:18:11 -0500
    Stop putting poison in our food
  • Darla Ellman
    comentado 2023-11-28 12:17:05 -0500
    Stop poisoning Americans.
    Do the right thing and only purchase non-GMO, pesticide-free and glyphosate-free food!! Go organic!!
  • Barbara Payne
    followed this page 2023-11-27 22:05:10 -0500
  • Ricquila Davenport
    comentado 2023-11-27 14:20:37 -0500
  • Tiffany Dulaney
    comentado 2023-11-26 06:04:48 -0500
    This is sad & pathetic! You do t have to feed us this poison! You choose to! Will NOT be eating out at any of these fast food chains!!!
  • Shelly Greyerbiehl
    comentado 2023-11-26 05:28:35 -0500
    Stop. Your choice to sell poisoned food is unconscionable.
  • Victoria Perkins
    comentado 2023-11-25 14:12:02 -0500
  • Colleen Jakubowski
    comentado 2023-11-24 12:50:20 -0500
    We don’t want your poisoned food or products!
  • Janet Taylor
    comentado 2023-11-23 11:23:09 -0500
    Stop poisoning America for monetary gain!
  • Diane Smith
    comentado 2023-11-23 09:27:59 -0500
    If every person walks away from conventional food, learns how to raise organic, recognizes the need for healthy toxin-free food and chooses to spend the extra money on this RATHER than the doctor bills going toward suppressing your sick symptoms caused by the toxins in foods …we would turn it around instantly. Shift the demand from poison food to nutrient rich clean food with how you spend your dollars. Then watch how great you and your family feel, and just like that…. No more doctor bills. Pay the farmer or pay the doctor.
  • Lora Paulson
    comentado 2023-11-22 17:29:03 -0500
    Please, do the right thing & stop using harmful toxics in the food!
  • Heidi Fischer
    comentado 2023-11-21 23:45:21 -0500
    Heidi Fischer
  • Landon Figg
    comentado 2023-11-21 15:36:34 -0500
    Our children’s lives are worth more! Choose to do the right thing and stop buying foods made with crops sprayed with glyphosate.
  • Cynthia Borders
    comentado 2023-11-21 11:25:24 -0500
    Corporations stop poisoning our Children with harmful toxics in food!!Thank you for this petition!
  • Amado Vela
    comentado 2023-11-21 03:50:04 -0500
    Thank you for making it easy to sign
  • Vicky Adams
    comentado 2023-11-20 18:48:15 -0500
    Working in a school and seeing the nutritionally poor breakfast and lunches being served. The food packs sent home weekly are also nutritionally deficit! No wonder children have such a difficult time learning.
  • William Michael O’Donnell
    comentado 2023-11-20 14:07:10 -0500
    They want us to die. They want us to buy before we die. They want us chronically sick so they can profit from treating our sickness which they create and they will never allow cures. Look at our American history of genocide against our Native American brothers and sisters. Now, look at what israel is doing! Please wake up and tell Biden, and tell both parties/factions too, to STOP THE INCESSANT MURDERS! It is NOT JUST THE POISONOUS FOOD! May GOD bless us despite our sins. Can you see? We must REPENT and sin no more.
  • Gustavo Fleitas
    comentado 2023-11-20 13:42:09 -0500
    Sigamos hasta q todo este libre de quimicos
  • Jessica Singh
    comentado 2023-11-20 12:13:40 -0500
    We will no longer be supplying these corporations with our dollars ANYMORE until this is changed. Adhere now, or see what happens.. Little hint… Bankruptcy.
  • Lindsey Loyd
    comentado 2023-11-20 04:51:58 -0500
    These laws need to change
  • Heidi Saufferer
    comentado 2023-11-19 15:05:54 -0500
    We need healthy nutritional food! Get the toxins out and nutrients in!
  • Jody Glover
    comentado 2023-11-19 10:56:44 -0500
    I am for cleaning up our foods and health of humanity and the health of our kids. Say no to GMOs and the sprays that are hurting our society and country. I say YES to clean foods.

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