Grey Baby Shielding Blanket

Grey Baby Shielding Blanket

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Purchase a shielding cover to use over your lap when using a laptop, PC, iPod, or other electronic devices. Reproductive changes in animal studies were present in minutes when exposed to EMFs. If you have or want kids/grandkids, getting a shielding blanket for you or your kids' laps is a good idea.

This Baby Blanket with soft cotton flannel is an investment at $99.95. Perfect for infants, children, and adults, especially expecting mothers! It will shield you and your loved ones from any wireless radiation you cannot otherwise control, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Desvía >30dB de radiación EMF de radio y microondas
  • Franela lujosa, cómoda contra la piel.
  • Dimensiones 38" x 30"
  • Hecho en los Estados Unidos.
  • Patente pendiente

Material: washable, durable, hypoallergenic, cotton flannel on the outside. Ecological, unbleached, shielding cotton fabric without chemicals in the middle, interwoven with microscopic Silver wire to form the protective radiation barrier.

Care: Machine wash cold, do not bleach.

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