La EPA debe detener la cuenta regresiva hacia la extinción humana

La EPA debe detener la cuenta regresiva hacia la extinción humana

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Terminar con el uso de sustancias químicas disruptoras endocrinas en nuestro suministro de alimentos es crucial

La EPA, al permitir sustancias químicas disruptoras endocrinas en nuestro suministro de alimentos, juega un papel decisivo en si el futuro de la raza humana será capaz o no de procrear naturalmente y sobrevivir.

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In the 2020 book Countdown by scientist Dr. Shanna Swan, the author states:

  • If a pregnant rat mother is exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals 21 days after mating, her male pups testosterone will decrease, and disruptions to normal male genitalia will ensue (p.83). 
  • The Children's National Health System reports in humans disorders of sexual development (DSDs) of some form (both subtle and obvious) to currently be present  1 in 100 newborns (p. 69). 
  • A study in Sweden showed a 74% increase in recurrent miscarriages in women in the nine years between 2003-2012 (p.71). 
  • The average female is currently less fertile than her grandmother was at 35 years old (p.14)
  • The number of women in the US seeking Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) due to diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) has increased 37% between 2003-2011 (p.45)
  • Sperm count rates have dropped 50-66% in less than ten years (p.22)
  •  The acceptance of sperm donations in US sperm banks has dropped by 25% in ten years between 2003- 2013 (p. 21)

The EPA has the sole discretion of permitting or disallowing the spraying of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on our food supply, thus they are largely responsible for whether or not we will be able to procreate naturally and survive.

Revoking the License of Glyphosate Use is the First Step for all Living Species

Glyphosate has been found in American breastmilk, our children’s urine, tap water, thousands of food samples such as wheat, beans, eggs, hummus, wine, beer, and orange juice. It has even been found in vaccines. Results.

A new study by Jing-Bo Liu et al. in Elsevier shows that glyphosate* tested on rats damaged sperm in four ways; the mobility, formation, quantity, and function were all decreased. 

Note: Glyphosate, not the co-formulants, was tested, which has been shown to be 1000x more toxic than glyphosate alone.

A recent study by Prof. Shanna Swan and Prof. Jia Chen shows that glyphosate is causing the androgenization or masculinization of our females.

The EPA reported in 2019 that 93% of endangered species and 97% of their critical habitats are harmed by exposure to glyphosate herbicides. Insect populations have experienced a 75% loss in some areas surrounded by mono-crop culture industrial farming.

Note: At the top of the food chain, human beings cannot live without insects.

Monsanto has long touted the need for GMO foods (80% are engineered to withstand glyphosate) to feed a growing population; predicted to be 7 billion by 2050. What they don’t say is that the global average is that humans had 49% fewer babies between 1950 and 2017) (p. 56). The impact of decreasing fertility is lower repopulation in countries like the USA (1.8), Japan (1.4),  and Korea (1.1)  than is needed to provide for the growing elderly population. An enormous socio-economic and demographic crisis is looming if actions are not taken.

fetus_scan.jpgThe problem is a lack of regulation.

The solution is courage and political will.

Europe allows 3 endocrine disruptors in their society. The United States allows over 1,000.

According to the European Commission:

“Endocrine disruptors can have harmful effects on the body's endocrine (hormone) system. Hormones act in very small amounts and at precise moments to regulate the body's development, growth, reproduction, metabolism, immunity, and behavior. Endocrine disruptors interfere with natural hormone systems, and the health effects can be felt long after the exposure has stopped. Exposure to endocrine disruptors in the womb can have life-long effects and can even have consequences for the next generation.”

Tyrone Hayes has confirmed that Syngenta’s endocrine-disrupting atrazine does indeed alter the reproductive organs in leopard frogs, turning them either homosexual, asexual or into hermaphrodites, with fully functioning sex organs of both genders. The population of exposed frog populations declined.

Although the data is not available to draw a link between endocrine disruptors and Kleinfelter syndrome, a new study shows 1 out of 500-1000 boys are being born with an extra X chromosome, resulting in decreased testosterone, micropenis, sterility, and enlarged breast glands. Clearly, no matter what the reason, these reproductive organ conditions could impact reproduction.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that only the world’s wealthiest people ($40,000 per attempt of ART) will be able to attempt to, and will likely have difficulty in, procreating in the future.

Note: Children conceived by ART have increased rates of cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

If the reproductive function decline continues at the current rate only the elite will procreate. 

It’s time for the EPA to do its job and protect the future reproductive viability of the human race.


Direct links to studies available on

Systemic policy change is urgently needed. 

Allowing endocrine disrupting, carcinogenic, autoimmune disorder inducing toxic chemicals in our food supply is making us sterile and infertile, killing us, destroying our soil and insect population which decreases agriculture production, and is costing us trillions in health care costs.

300 million pounds of Glyphosate herbicides are sprayed in the USA each year.


70 million pounds of Atrazine are sprayed in the USA each year



We ask our elected officials to:

  • Host a hearing on the reproductive impact of glyphosate, atrazine, and endocrine disruptors.
  • Discontinue accepting donations (if any) from agrochemical companies.
  •  Introduce a bill to prevent the use of endocrine-disrupting, carcinogenic, and toxic chemicals in the food supply.
  • Pressure the EPA to revoke the license of glyphosate and atrazine immediately.

Please respond with the actions you can take and how we can help.

Gracias por su consideración.

Mamás en toda América

Meet with or call your representatives about this urgent issue! Download the PDF and print or email it to your local representative.  Alternatively, you can copy and paste the article from our site into an email.

Please also click HERE to send a letter immediately to the EPA to tell them to do their jobs. Thank you!

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